Design Unwind, VIC

In response to the profound effects of the built environment on our wellbeing, Design Unwind is a pop-up installation space, dedicated to offering guests a peaceful reprieve from modern life. Through the application of mood enhancing design principles, leading Australian interior companies Byzantine Design, TSAR Carpets and Arthur G, have tackled the theme of Melbourne Design Week 2020 - how design can shape and improve life.

Custom designed furniture pieces allow guests to experience the space in whatever posture suits them; lounging, sitting upright or lying down. Multipurpose ottomans serve as impromptu seats, while the inclusion of a hidden tiled surface underneath one ottoman, enables a multitude of uses; from writing surface to drinks stand. The rug has been designed using multiple high pile heights, shag textures and soft, natural wool and Tencel fibres to add warmth and comfort. All pieces including multiple luxe cushions allow the space to evolve and transform with people to suit various moods and occasions. The space encourages personalisation, flexibility and movement.

Collaborators: TSAR CarpetsByzantine Design with textiles by Designs of the Time

Photography: Lillie Thompson


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