Ofset; designed by Alexander Lotersztain exclusively for Arthur G

Conceived in collaboration with  Alexander Lotersztain, Ofset is one of the boldest and most versatile seating modulars available today.

After lengthy anylisis between the Arthur G team and Lotersztain on the key factors of form and function, and the development of numerous prototypes, Ofset was born. The premise is quite simple;

Choose: begin with the base, then build up with a seat, back, arm or table!

Create: decide your own colour story; each component can be covered in whatever fabric choice or colour you desire.

Swap: once installed, each piece can be easily moved to create different settings or configurations – simply lift, slide and slot into place.

Offering unlimited seating possibilities, Ofset can be upholstered in one colour, or many, and in a range of finishes across leathers and / or fabrics. The results possible are only limited by imagination! Suitable for commercial fit outs and communal areas, as well as domestic applications, Ofset allows for flexibility and functionality, while creating a punchy style statement that is totally individual.

Download the Ofset specs here.

About the designer: Alexander Lotersztain is an award winning and recognised designer and the founder of the multi-disciplinary design studio, Derlot. His work appears in design journals around the world and can be found in the collection of the famed Pompidou Museum in Paris. He was named one of the 100 most influential designers worldwide in ‘&fork’ by Phaidon, and recognised among the top 25 designers to collaborate with influential design magazine, Monocle.

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Ofset (Compact)
Ofset (Corner)
Ofset (Table)